Medical Records--MOB

Position Description: Medical Records
Status/Schedule: Full Time
Posting Date: 03/03/2020

  • Education: High school diploma or GED
  • Experience: Previous experience preferred.
  • Job Description: Responsible for efficiently managing incoming and outgoing documents related to patient care and finance. Copies, scans, distribute paper and electronic documents timely and accurately. Understands and fully utilizes electronic medical records. Essential Job Responsibilities: 1. Fax Server: Monitors incoming documents via fax server throughout the day. Minimum productivity is 200 documents per day. 2. Medical Terminology: Is able to identify incoming patient care documents such as lab, x-ray, imaging, consult notes, op reports, referrals, etc. Names and electronically files these correctly. 3. Document Management (Incoming): Incoming documents received via fax server, fax paper and/or produced internally are correctly named, dated, distributed or file (electronically or paper) and attached to correct order/chart note/etc. Properly assigns documents to appropriate personnel. 4. Document Management (Outgoing): Responds to requests from external sources for patient care documents in accordance with HIPAA and hospital/departmental policies. 5. Environmental/Organizational Responsibilities: Fulfills organizational requirements including: respecting and promoting patient rights; responding to emergencies as appropriate; Identifying and addressing issues relating to patient dissatisfaction; attending required meetings; identifying and addressing practice priorities; understands compliance and carries out activities in full compliance with outside-mandated and internally-imposed requirements; and completes other duties as assigned. Knowledge: Knowledge of health care field and medical office protocols/procedures, medical terminology, HIPAA and other privacy regulations. Skills: use of computer hardware and software utilization, intact and diplomacy in interpersonal interactions. Abilities: to learn and retain information regarding document management, project a pleasant and professional image, to plan, prioritizes, and completes delegated tasks, demonstrate compassion and caring in dealing with others. Key Behaviors: Honesty, Integrity, Dependable, Makes a difference, Works well with others, Strives for excellence in personal performance, and demonstrates creativity in problem solving. Equipment Operated: Standard medical exam/office equipment, heavy utilization of computerized health information management system for medical records, etc. Work Environment: Professional medical office. Mental/Physical Requirements: Must be able to use appropriate body mechanics techniques.

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