Department: Fordsville Area Medical Clinic
Status/Schedule: Part-Time
Posting Date: 08/04/2020

  • Education: Licensed to practice in Kentucky and ARRT certification. CPR certification.
  • Experience: Preferred. Must be willing to train for lab/MA duties as needed.
  • Description: The radiologic technologist /phlebotomist for OCFC practices is responsible for providing excellent patient care during radiology and lab procedures in accordance with the policies and procedures manual for each department and Ohio County Hospital and provider practices. Demonstrates solid understanding of all basic limited radiology procedures and anatomy, proper techniques and positioning, radiation safety procedures, and maintains proficiencies in all areas as documented on x-ray competency checklist to be completed annually. Possesses solid understanding of the equipment operation and attached components. Must be able to work under stress and deal professionally with patients, family members, providers, other employees and have an overall good attitude. Follows proper patient identification protocol. Promptly reports any concerns relating to patient care and/or compliance through proper channels. Maintain patient confidentiality. Able to explain the x-ray procedure to patient and/or family members. Demonstrates age appropriate skills. Must be willing to train for lab/medical assistant duties as needed..

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