Social Worker (PT)

Department: Hospice
Status/Schedule: Part Time
Posting Date: 08/04/2020

  • Education: Master's degree in social work and current state license
  • Experience: Preferred 2 years.
  • Description: HOSPICE OF OHIO COUNTY SOCIAL WORKER JOB DESCRIPTION OPERATIONAL DEFINITION; A member of the Interdisciplinary Team who is responsible for insuring and providing supportive services to help meet Patient/Family social, emotional and economic needs. QUALIFICATIONS; Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Social Work and current State License. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES; 1. Gathers and updates knowledge of available Community Resources and assists the Patient/Family and Staff in utilizing appropriate resources. 2. Accepts referrals for Hospice and explains Hospice Care and Philosophy to potential Hospice Patients and Families. 3. Initiates and coordinates Social Services to aid the Patient/Family from institutional care to Hospice home care. 4. Conducts initial and ongoing Social Assessments of Patients as indicated by Hospice policy. 5. Updates plan of care as indicated by Social Assessments. 6. Upon request by Hospice team member, arranges for DME/Supplies to be delivered to Patient’s home. 7. Attends Interdisciplinary team meetings and contributes to the plan of care regarding needs of Hospice Patients/Families. 8. Assess Patient/Family needs and refer to appropriate resources. 9. Evaluates and assesses Patient/Family insurance coverage and refers to Community Based Services for financial assist, if applicable. 10. Accompanies Hospice Team member on Hospice admissions and completes paperwork necessary for Hospice admission. 11. Explains Hospice Medicare/Medicaid insurance benefits to Patient/Families. Job Description Page (2) 12. Is familiar with the concept of death/dying as related to the terminally ill. 13. Participates in the orientation, training and coordination of Hospice volunteers. 14. Assists with bereavement services. 15. Participates in opportunities for continuing education and professional self development. 16. Maintains confidentiality of all information. 17. Observes personal hygiene and dress code as outlined in the hospital policy handbook. 18. Contacts and utilizes community resources and other pertinent sources in order to mobilize services on patient’s behalf. 19. Maintains Social Work License. 20. Actions are consistent with the Hospital’s Purpose, Vision and Values. The Social Worker will also adhere to the Hospital’ Legal Compliance Program. 21. Prior to requesting time off, will arrange for Hospice coverage by contracted Social Worker and will notify Director of Hospice of arrangement prior to time off.

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