What If I Do Not Have Insurance?

Contact Amanda Whitten, Certified Application Counselor at 270-504-1370 during normal work hours, Monday - Friday.

Contact Disability Medical Consultants at 1-877-846-0080

CLICK HERE to go to the Kentucky Medicaid Enrollment Web Site

CLICK HERE to go to the KY Health Benefit Exchange Website

How Do I Find Out My Insurance Benefits?

Call The Member Services Phone Number On The Back Of Your Insurance Card


THIS LINK gives you access to our list of prices as of 12/9/2019 for the healthcare services we provide, which we will periodically update. It is based upon the format requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Similar to other hospitals, YOUR ACTUAL COST WILL VARY CONSIDERING VARIOUS FACTORS, such as the services you receive based upon your unique health condition, your status of inpatient, observation, or outpatient, the insurance carrier(s) you may or may not use, your met or partially unmet deductible, your coinsurance, as well as the potential for additional charges such as professional fees. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Patient Financial Services staff at (270) 298-5431.

To give our valued patients and caregivers the most accurate price estimates possible without any surprises, we offer our Patient Liability Estimator below. Please note all insurances should be available on this estimator in the near future. Other healthcare providers may list frequently shopped for items at a lower price while raising the prices on other line items to fully compensate for a procedure, whereas we are giving you an average estimate based upon our recent charge data for a procedure.